Did my ex really text me by mistake?

So it's been about a month and half since I've last spoken or saw my ex. I broke up with him because I wasn't happy with way things were going, I loved him but I couldn't deal with the emptiness. So today I get a text from him, he does tattoos. So he just sent a text saying "95 for a tattoo". So I send a text back saying wrong person. He's like oh my fault who is this cause the numbers are all mixed. I tell him it's me and he's like I sorry, than he's like do you wanna come to my house to watch a movie... Like we haven't spoken in so long and he wants to chill. I was just really confused. I told him probably not today, because it's so out of the blue. I've been trying to contact him the first two weeks we broke up but he ignored me, I did break up with him though. I told him we should at least talk first. So do you think he really texted me by mistake?


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  • chill?

    what a stupid phrase

    'like' come out of the house?

    Like we haven't spoken?

    what kind of language is that?

    • Thanks for answering the question :)... You just wasted your time lol

  • He probably did. Why fake tattoo pricing. Is he that kind of man?

    • I mean how he could he send that to me by mistake. And than he asks to chill out of nowhere

    • He sent it to you by mistake by punching in the wrong digits. Someone he knows has one digit either reversed ( happens all the time ) or is one digit off ( meaning he punched your number in by memory by accident ) thus initiating this. As for asking you, well you did carry on two lines of conversatoin first. He didn't know who you were and if you had just said "wrong number" and never responded he'd have thought nothing of it.

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