GF cannot be intimate with me - Cannot even kiss

We were introduced through friends 6 months ago. She was out of state and we started texting, we've been together for the past 7 weeks since she got back.

We have a connection. She says she loves me and I feel the same way. We can spend the entire day together and it doesn't feel awkward in the least. If nothing else we're already to the damn near petting/cuddling stage just laying on the couch. The kicker is she cannot kiss me.

I tried a few times and thought she was just a bit nervous but it has been 7 weeks without even a first kiss, Each time I go for it she starts tensing up. She'll grip my hand like I stabbed her and the closer I get she loses the ability to talk or keeps repeating 'I know I know I know" when I ask if she wants to kiss me. We've talked about it and she tells me she just gets these anxiety attacks.

I'm trying to be understanding and give her space and time but there are limits to what I can endure myself. Even if she says it is out of her control not being able to be intimate beyond a hug good night and constantly being put off is getting to me. I know the relationship cannot survive if we can't get past this but I like being around her so much I don't want to give her this ultimatum or put that stress on her further.

She isn't really well off and cannot afford medication or counseling. What can I do here?


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  • anxiety can be a real medical problem and until she gets some kind of help with it there is not much you can do.

    the real question is, do you think you can deal with this and is this healthy for you?


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