How do you know your boyfriend really cares for you?

My boyfriend is a good guy. he treats me right, I guess. he hasn't done anything to make me doubt him... BUT

- he jokes around with me alot, he teases me SO MUCH. sometimes I don't even know if he's joking or not. I usually brush it off, cos I assume he's joking, but it hurts and sometimes you just really want to hear some sweet words

- we spend every moment we can together (ex. studying, watching movies, always drives me home) he takes me out with him whenever he can, be it with his boys or just to chill at the frat house

- he's not a PDA guy... nor is he a cuddle type of guy.. so we barely kiss, hug or hold hands... and when we're with friends (bunch of guys), he barely interacts with me... oh and we have lots of sex..

- he said I love you first

- I don't want to sound cocky, but a lot of guys hit on me. and one time he actually said it pissed him off so much that he doesn't like leaving me alone (awhile ago). but now he's like "I'm not the jealous type, you can do what you want and it will reflect on you as a person" I guess it just makes me feel like he doesn't care. he hasn't seen random guys hit on me on campus, but his friends tell him about it since I'm with them all the time cos he's so busy with schoolwork.

- I don't want an extremely possessive boyfriend, but sometimes the smallest hint of jealousy feels nice, cos someone's actually afraid to lose you.

- I can't really expect sweet words out of him unless he's drinking a bit of alcohol.

- I feel like he puts up a front so it seems like he's 5 steps ahead of me every time, but it just makes me feel less and less important to him...

- should I even be thinking about this at all? what are small gestures a man would do to show you he cares?


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  • How do you know? His actions prove it.

    My boyfriend goes out of his way to do things for me, not because I asked but because he wants to, to make me happy.

    He always ask me what he can do to make me happy, if not more happy.

    Drops whatever he's doing to listen to me (about my feelings/thoughts)

    Makes me breakfast.

    And I certainly don't doubt him.

    You only get sweet words when he's drinking? Not good, IMO.


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  • He likes you. Congratulations.

    His actions tell that. Although he won't admit it he is a bit insecure, that's why he doesn't say sweet words, he is afraid you'll run away (coz lots of guys hit on you).

    But with time, he will. You can try saying sweet words first if you want to make it fast.

    Please answer mine thx :)

  • you never know

    he can try to show


    if you want him to

  • Do you realize how irrational you sound? You know how destructive jealousy is, but you still want a little bit of it?

    You are going to analyse your way out of this relationship.


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