How do I carefully show my ex I want to date again without being to pushy?

I met my ex today when going home from work (same building but) rarely see her. I asked her over for dinner a few days ago since we've been talking again for about a week on Facebook/whatsapp.

When I saw her today I wasn't really sure if she was feeling comfortable but I was. It didn't seem like she'd wanna start dating again though. She broke up because she didn't love me anymore.

I was very negative about everything and almost anyone at the time but that's been over for a while now and I've learned to be a normal positive and happy person again. Even more so than the first time we met!

I'd like to give dating with her another shot but I'm not sure how I can show her I want to without being too pushy! I feel like she'd be a little reluctant to do that because of how I was when she broke up but I think if she'd see how I am now she might give it another chance.


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  • Try talking to her, ask her if she's comfortable with what you're doin and ask her what you can do to make her feel more comfortable


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