Should I message him or wait for him to message me?

I met this guy online, we chatted for like 4 hours or something until early morning on Friday/Saturday - just clicked right away. Then again on Sunday (I messaged him first and kept the convo going towards the end). He asked me to come gocarting on Sunday, I couldn't (veery casually, he just wanted someone to go with). He also invited me to his huge Halloween party in 2 weeks. I said maybe Because I was unsure what I was doing. I told him I was busy every day this week, a date on Monday and one on Tuesday and other plans other days. But we agreed to meet up sometime. He didn't message me on Monday or Tuesday (today), but I've been online almost all day. I really wanna talk to him (he said I seemed so cool that he wished he was my best buddy haha). Is he waiting for me to message him? He's been on Facebook a lot. I don't wanna bother him if he doesn't wanna talk...What tooo dooo? :p


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  • I think you should message him on fb if you feel like talking. It's hard to schedule things when being so busy. He does seem to be into you and wanting to get to know you more and he seems to want to hang out alot. I think he is waiting for you to message him online.


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