Are guys scared to date a type of girl that they are not used to dating?

A guy has not asked me out after months of talking, he then ended up getting into a relationship with a girl, who I saw how she was...(dressed inappropriately, sloppy make-up, and with attitude). I will describe myself as a more of a good a 7 from a 1-10 of good, girly, 5'4, weight: 120, always dressing up, Latina. This guy ended up apologizing to me for doing what he did even though we never dated. Him and I went to high school together 5 years ago, we talked in class and he seemed king, humorous and talkative. We have each other on Facebook but he still does not ask me out after months of us not talking since last year in September when he got a girlfriend, and I moved on to dating 2 guys this year, which did not work out.

NO, I don't date often, last year I did not date anyone, this year only dated 2 guys. I am a long term relationship type of girl.

Now that he keeps apologizing and wants a chance, I am allowing him to talk to me, but he has not stepped it up, it has been a month already.


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  • "Are guys scared to date a type of girl that they are not used to dating?" Scared? No. Unwilling? Yes. The primary reason a guy wouldn't date a girl is because he's not attracted to her. In your case, it could be a matter of the other girl making herself more available than you. It seems to me like he liked you and the other girl but she made it easier for him.

    • what do you mean by, she made it easier for him? I think it is dumb of him if he wants me as a backup plan after not talking for 9months. Should I say something to him?

    • Perhaps she initiated contact more often or invited him out or made it VERY obvious she was interested. He didn't necessarily have you as a "back-up" plan but it is possible. Especially, if he stopped talking for the entire 9 months.

      Do you think he's deserving of a shot with you?

    • He tried contacting me three times during that 9 month period but I would stop replying because I wanted him to get it through his head that I was hurt for what he did, then this September he just said he missed talking to me and still felt like an a**hole for what he did and wanted to have a chance. I believe a person deserves a chance depending on the circumstances. I don't know in this circumstance because we never dated, only knew each other from high school than began talking a lot.

  • I'm afraid of never finding any girl becuase I'm ugly . I wish I can find a girl with low esteem =/

    • never show self esteem...that's the problem is a turn off if you don't feel good about yourself. Be confident...low self esteem girls, are no better.

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    • I try to be friendly but even women I'm not hitting on ignore me

    • Don't be too hard on yourself, Be patient.

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