What am I doing wrong?

i text my girlfriend good morning right when I wake up, and I always text her before she goes to sleep saying goodnight and I love you after we got done talking on the phone..but lately she's been really distant..i text her through out the day when I get a chance just to see how she's doing and how her day is going but all of a sudden she stops responding..and when I call her she doesn't want to pick up..and it gets me mad because if someone else calls her or texts her she puts everything on hold just so she can reply..am I doing something wrong?

but when I don't text her or call her she gets really hot headed about it


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  • I think you need to stop texting so often...it is a turn-off.

    • But when I dnt txt her or call her she gets really hot headed about it

    • Then why not just ask her why she is being so distant lately?

    • I have but she never wants to talk about it

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  • being too eager..

    Think about it, do you text your friends every morning night etc.

    Ask your self why you don't do it...

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