What could these signals mean?

He's my crush as well as my best guy friend forever! Last Saturday, we were texting each other and he kept replying late like 20 to more minutes although some quicker than others! However, Sunday we texted a lot with much faster texting replying speed all on random topics. Though on Monday, we met up at our usual location (his locker) and we talk about school but he chances the topic of us having kids with where we are going to live by concluding what our job is going to be. Although, a month before he talked about some guy on a college admission paper that guy was my boyfriend. Now, everyday he talks about our kids and what we do with our lives. Another thing, he wants us to go to college together or even be close by to another. What are all these signs pointing out?


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  • He definitely has feelings for you.

    • Then how come he doesn't make a move then?! We both feel the same way, but maybe too nervous to get rejected?!

    • Maybe he's shy or intimidated by you. Or maybe he has trouble expressing his emotions. Have you ever thought about being more aggressive toward pursuing a relationship with him?

    • I could see that he does have trouble expressing how he feels since he relates how his family feels about me. Although, now he wants us to go to the same college and be real close to wherever I am! I would never get him force him to anything he doesn't want to do! Why do you ask if I thought about being 'more' aggressive toward pursuing a relationship?

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