How to reconnect with him ?

Hello !

Basically, a guy I like and who also used to like me haven't talked in about 5 months, because we're not in the same school anymore, and I kinda did some things that messed up our "relationship" and we just fell apart and are not talking anymore.

We never dated, had sex or even kissed we just flirted A LOT, and I could really tell he liked me.

I really really like this dude, maybe I might be in love, I keep thinking about him all the time, and I can't date other guys because I'm obsesed with him, so it's impossible to imagine myself in a relationship with someone else.

So I want to talk to him again but I don't know how, I can't send him a text because I don't have his number anymore and I don't want to talk to him on Facebook because I know he won't answer, or I jneed to find something creative and fun to say, because that's how we used to be, always funny and joking around.

We're both 19 by the way

Thanks for your help ! :)


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  • send him a message or call him ask him out for coffee and reminisce, and see if there's a connection, if there is, take it further, if not move on :)


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  • i guess pick a nice video or a funny one from YouTube and ask him to watch by sending him the link on fb , it would be a nice way to start conversation