Why is this guy lying??

DIFFERENT GUY! just want to point that out that I am talking about a different guy friend. He works for my dad and my dad had a puzzled look and I said "What's wrong dad?" My dad said "Well Rick said something very weird to me! He said you guys have been dating the past 3 months" I laughed and said "Well all we do is talk haha" My dad said "Well you have been going out late every night are you really dating Rick?" I said "NO!" Rick is kinda bad so my dad doesn't want me to go out with him, plus he works for my dad.

Also Rick said "I tried calling Sarah" "She's ignoring me!" I looked at my phone and he hasn't called me at all! So WTF? I can't tell if he is delusional? Or if he is trying to start trouble? I don't know how to handle this, cause my dad kinda believes me, but Rick is somehow convincing him that we are dating, when Rick showed NO interest in me what so ever, which is another weird thing. Also I tried to tell my dad that maybe Rick was joking, and my dad said he thought the same thing, but Rick kept on going on about it and was serious, so that is why my dad is upset. But Any thoughts on why he is doing this? How should I handle this? Thank you!


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  • can you go to where they work and confront him in front of your dad? can you call Rick in front of your dad to see if he answers and if he does put him on speaker phone. bRick sounds like he is trying to get a rise out of your dad and you both,what a douche