Just started dating a girl and she is constantly busy, is it her or me?

I just came back to college after the navy and I'm dating an awesome girl who is a student athlete. She is constantly stuck in tutoring, or workouts, or practice and we haven't seen each other more than 3 times in the past 2 weeks. We've kissed and she had me meet her friends (who like me too) but my past couple of relationships have either been nearly strictly sex or haven't gone far which has me slightly paranoid. Any suggestions?


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  • She has a life and a lot going on and it doesn't revolve around you. Especially since you just started dating, she's not gonna rearrange her entire life for you. You are still in the new stage so just accept it. Enjoy her when you see her


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  • I suggest you get busy with YOUR life.. She could be that busy.. but she should never be TOO busy to see someone who is special to her. You may think there is more between you than there is -- she may be seeing someone else. Let her come to you. Don't pursue her -- 3 times in two weeks is not very much.. I'd look for a girl who is more available if that is what you want.


  • Maybe you just get her at the wrong times


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