Guys: One night stand and dating question?

I had a one night stand with a younger guy (younger by 8yrs).

I thought that was it. I mean it was a ONE night stand not multiple night stand LOL

He called the next day.

He wanted to hang out with me again the next day (no sex) - we just hung out.

He lives 2,000+ miles away.

He calls every now and then (it's been two months since the stand).

We texted every now and then (maybe once a week or less).

I'm going back to his city for my birthday and we plan on "hooking-up" again and hanging out.

My problem: I really like him now/ I THINK he likes me...

QUESTION: How should I tell him that I really like him and enjoy talking / texting him? OR should I just leave it be since we live so far apart and enjoy the fun while it last!?

Enjoy the fun while it last girl!

Lives too far! :)


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  • Yes, if you like him and enjoy talking to him, tell him and see where it goes. It can't hurt


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  • well it sounds like he is after more than just a casual hook up with you


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