Should I text a guy I just sold a book to?

I sold an old book I had to this guy who got my number from a teacher he now has and when I dropped it off he was one of the most attractive guys I've ever met and I want to text him to become friends but I don't know if that's weird since we don't know each other. Should i? Or is it too weird? I did have one guy text me back when I sold him a game. He was only in it for sex but since he texted me back as a stranger could I do the same with this guy at school?

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  • Yeah, you should what's the worst that could happen.

    If he asks who is this say your name, and he's like I think you have the wrong # say oh... But just keep the conversation going. Once, he finds out it's you you'll really have a connection because he'll be like I saw you when I bought that book, what a coincidence. And you can laugh about it

    There's also a chance he'll realize how you got his #, but I'm sure he'll find it cute or adorable =)

  • My suggestion would be if you have another book you think he may be interested in to use that as opening way and go for it try to start up a conversation through this like "hi how are you? thanks for taking that book off my hands I have another/a few more I thought you might be interested in I could swing them by or you can take look if you like" if you get a reply that is is not just answering the questions you asked shortly you have your window don't be disheartened if you don't get the reply you were hoping for he may already be involved with someone or just not interested in forging new friendships... Good luck :)

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