Girl is distant but accepted a date?

There is this girl I'm attracted to so I asked her out. She asked if it was a date I said yes, so she said yes too. She then proceeded to give me her number. Fast forward a few days, when I say hi to her in the hallways she hardly cracks a smile, she looks me in the eyes and gives me nothing. Even in class she walked passed me I said "Hey ----" she gave me a fake smile and a little wave and walked away. After class I tried setting up a date but she just rushed out to her friend.

However whenever we do get to talk (which is rarely) she doesn't really talk to me. For example we were talking about the radio in the car and I asked her what type of music she listened to, she answered but did not ask me.

But then she accepted my date offer and gave me her number, so why is she so distant? Does it sound like she is just a quiet person? What should I do?


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