Is there any possible way to get him back, or is there no hope?

Ok so there was this guy who I used to hook up with and I hopelessly wanted to date, and he made it seem like he wanted to date. Anyways he had to leave for a job and at the beginning he kept begging me to go stay with him but I couldn't sort out a ride. One day he got a girlfriend out of no where but he still continued to text me and ask me to hook up. I did hook up with him but after awhile it started to become very painful for me to hook up with him because I wanted to be in his girlfriend's spot. He stopped talking to me and after a couple of days of trying to get him to talk he told me never to contact him again. I have been struggling ever since and I really miss him, he is the only guy I want. Do I have a chance of winning him back? How can I win him back? Please help he is the only guy I want, I honestly can't move on and living with out him is getting more and more painful


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  • I can relate to your pain. The idea that this guy had a girlfriend but still hooked up with you does not say a lot about his character at all. The quickest way to possibly get him back is to seriously leave him alone, period. no call, no text, no fb, nothing. don't check his fb or anything that involves him. move on and date. many times people get hung up on someone too much when they don't have a large social circle and don't meet too many people of the opposite sex. if you start dating or hooking up with another guy then you may re gain this guys interest. the best way for him ever to text or call you back is if you completely leave him alone which will cause him to wonder about u. in the meantime, get hobbies, hang out with friends, get your own life in order before worrying about a guy. no guy can make your life fulfilled if your own life is a mess. I use to think before that getting a girl will make me happy fully even though my life was a mess. when I got a girl and dated, I still was unhappy and all it is because I was a mess and everything in my life was messed up. once I got rid of the girl I fixed up my own life and once that was in order a healthy relationship fell into place. my guess is you probably have a pretty boring and dull life, and don't see many guys of the opposite sex because if you did no one guy could bend you like this. good luck

    • Well I have hobbies I made my UNI varsity soccer team, and I have cheerleading, I volunteer and I have pretty big group of friends plus I just started at university so I'm getting that together so I'm pretty busy but you're right I can't meet guys, well I do but they never measure up to him and also the guys I do find attractive I can't talk to because I'm shy, also I texted him a lot and Facebooked him can I still fix this?

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    • Sorry for jumping into this conversation out of the blue, but this is pretty much similar to my situation. The guy ignored me so I completely stopped contacting him. Two months later he reached out in a friendly way, asking me how I was doing. I replied to his texts but pretended as if I didn't care and didn't really want to talk to him. And now he has stopped contacting me again. I am thinking about calling or texting him. Could you maybe give me some advice?

    • ya if he reached out to you and you like him then do not ignore him and it is a good idea to call or text him and see how he is doing. ignoring someone too long will guarantee a guy to lose all interest and reject you.

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