What do these actions mean?

so there is this girl I really like we met about 2 weeks ago and I got her number about one week ago

she started texting me and would say good morning and sh*t for the first two days or so

then she stopped doing that and seemed to lose interest a little bit like she won't text first like ever and sometimes she'll take long as hell to reply or will answer with one word things that don't move the conversation along it seems like talking to me is becoming a chore for her instead of an enjoyable experience

we have a lot in common and I know that she likes me back were actually gonna meet up and have sex tommorrow

but I don't know it seems as though she has lost interest just a little bit...

is it just me being a clingy bastard or am I on to something?

like what do you think her actions could mean?


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  • it sounds like perhaps she felt like your guys' conversations and interactions weren't mutual, so she kind of took a step back. Are you sure you made sure to reciprocate your interest in her?

    I'm sure once you make it obvious that there's interest from your end, that odd change in behavior will stop.

    • no I show more interest than her like I was the first one to show real attraction I called her hot or something or said I liked something about her and it sparked an conversation where we talked for like hours about sex and sh*t like that I mean I made a point to show interest

      our conversations went from like actual two people talking to me being like hey :D

      what ru up to

      and her being like sitting at my house

      and then ill be like ohh that's cool ru gonna chill with people later?


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    • hmm... it's hard to say without more info about both of you, but perhaps she's just not interested? Not interested, or not available at the moment at least :(

      maybe just give her a rest, and if she does want more let her come to you.

    • that's what I was thinking thanks for your help haha

      ull probably wind up getting ba just to let you know...

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