How concerned should I be about this?


So boyfriend wanted to see me in the morning the other day and as we were hanging out he gets this text from this girl. Now here's the problem:-

- It was 8:00 AM.

- I used to know this girl but I stopped talking to her.

- She previously said that she thought my boyfriend is "hot".

- According to my boyfriend they text almost everyday.

- She shares a locker with my boyfriend (That was before we started dating).

I keep telling my boyfriend that she likes him, but he keeps saying she doesn't and even if she does he likes me not her. I was so angry to the point where I told him to read her text for me (Why the f*** is she texting him at 8 in the morning?). It turns out they had candy in the locker and she was "Mad" cause my boyfriend ate it all. That's straight up flirting, she's obviously trying to get him to talk to her. But my boyfriend says it's nothing.

We've all known each other for a month now and I am positive that she likes him.

I don't know what am I supposed to do about this, I don't wanna be the girl who tells her guy to stop talking to other females... But I don't know what the appropriate reaction to this might be

Any thoughts?


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  • Like most guys (myself included) he is clueless when a girl is flirting with him. You should confront her and tell her he is your man and she needs to back off cause he is not interested.


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  • if he is willing to read you the text and tell you that they text everyday I would dare say he is YOUR man and YOUR man alone most guys won't tell you anything if they are trying to hide from being caught out doing something they know the other won't like I would suggest maybe making an outing for a group of friends and you boyfriend tell him to invite her observe and maybe even try to re create a friendship with her and then just ask her if she is interested in him (we all can see when a girl lies about that) if you can manage creating a friendship with her ask her to tone down the flirting as your comfortable with it ( a lot of men are clueless as to notice the flirting signs when they are already in a relationship ) good luck hope you can sort it out but as I said I don't think you have anything to worry about if he is already being open about it

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