Texting like crazy and drops off the face of the earth? Wth?

Ok get ready for the long scenario guys and gals. I have a friend guy whom I have been off and on talking to for about 4 years now. Says he can't date me because my brother is his boyfriend and he doesn't want to ruin their relationship by dating me. We have never had sex,we used to sext a few years back and we made it known that we had feelings for each other(says He's been crushing on me since he was 15 and I was 18) yet nothing has come of it. When he's single I'm not and vice verse. So we've been texting all this time. Sometimes every day but its most often in spurts,for example once he didn't say a word to me for like 2 months. OK now..He has had a girlfriend for about 2 years and he flirts with me like crazy. He even got drunk and coped a sneaky feel on me a few times. (I feel terrible for his gf) Oh also he text me just before he goes to bed and says goodnight. Anyway..with all of that intel for your brains..here is my question.

The past two weeks for instance he text me every day just about and even initiated text conversation with me.(he also called me like two weeks ago which he NEVER does concerned about my sick mother) He hasn't text me in two days now. What's the deal? Is he waiting for me to text him? Should I or is that a turn off? Or is it that he's playing with my head and emotions like keeping me baited? Or is it something else entirely? Help!


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  • The problem with you being his friend's sister honestly just seems like an excuse. I agree with the others, it seems like he's just playing with you. Besides, if he's willing to flirt with you and cop feels while dating someone else, nothing to stop him from doing the same if the two of you were ever together.

    I'd suggest having a serious talk with him about it, setting some ground rules for the future of your friendship, and perhaps ending whatever weird thing he has going on with you.

    As for why he's not texting, maybe he's figuring that out for himself. Or, maybe his girlfriend found something out and he's in the proverbial doghouse.


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  • Sounds Nuts. No more texting. I told you so.

    You just wasted 4 years of your life.

    Sext is stupid too.

    You are being used.

    He's a fool.

    And stop writing 'Like' before every verb.

    • I don't write like before every verb,there were some nouns I wrote it before and I only did it a few times. Ty Grammar Nazi! :P

  • This sounds like a game to him and maybe even to you at times. If you want to truly move on with you life then forget this guy. If he truly wanted you then you two would of already been together.


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