Why is he waiting for me to be ready for sex? We are not dating!

I've known this guy for a year now, and a few days ago we talked about what each of us wants and prefers. I like him and he said he's very attracted to me, he thinks I'm really sexy but he can't commit to a relationship (due to his job and previous bad experiences...). He knows I'm more into relationships rather than just a one night stand. He told me he'd like to have sex with me but I told him I'm not ready for that so he said to me that he will wait until I'm ready!

I didn't ask him why...& now I'm wondering why! He's also older than me, I'm 19 and he's 31.

Why is he waiting for me to be ready? We're not dating, he could easily find someone else...please help!


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  • He probably alwasy preys on younger girls, knowing they're flattered by the attention of an older guy.. This 'gee, I can't commit because of my job and bad relationships; is an obvious LINE...completely fake. He just wants a fling with an attractive young girl.

    He probably can't relate to women his own age, so it wouldn't be so easy as you think for him to find someone else!

    Most of all, he hopes he won't have to wait long for you to be ready...


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  • He just wants to have sex with you. He doesn't want a relationship with you at all. Ditch him.

  • He wants sex with a younger hot girl. This sounds sketchy to me, I'd walk away from this

  • He wants to have sex with you and not put in the time to really be with you. He is a player and not a nice person. He can make up all the excuses he wants about not wanting a relationship but they are all bullsh*t


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  • Girl I'm not give you some advice I want you to remember forever! Never fall for those bullsh*t excuses! If a guy wants to be with you he will be with you I promise! If he gives you a whole bunch of bull sh*t why he can't be with you its because he doesn't want to be with you. He just wants to f*** you. When he said I'll wait till your ready you should of said I mean I'm not ready to give to have sex because I'm waiting for a guy who actually cares about me. He's trying to play with your mind because since your young he thinks your naive! Don't give that tool your virginity

  • Haha, he's totally trying to use you and move on.

    He's doing it because he's a perv trying to get some from a 19 year old.

    Drop him. He was perving on you because you were 18 and is trying to groom you so he can get some youngin' tail and use you. I've seen guys that age do it all the time and they do it because they know they can get away with it. They see girls your age as young and naive and easy to get what they want. There's a reason why they won't chase women their age- women their age don't tolerate their brand of crazy.

    One word- RUN. Stop associating with this guy. He's bad news.

  • Ewwww. Why are you talking to this perv? Of course he's gonna wait to lay some teenager, he's probably sleeping with multiple people.

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