What are signs of a possessive man?

I feel that this person around me is controlling and we are not even dating! He questions all the time where I am going, and doesn't want me to date other guys, but yet he doesn't seem to want to go out with me? Which is odd, anyways, what are the signs of a controlling guy? Thank you!


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  • He sounds like someone you should steer clear of. Next time, ask him:

    GUY: "I don't want you dating anybody."

    YOU: "You want me to be alone all my life and die alone?"

    See what he says.

    • Let me refine:

      GUY: "I don't want you dating anybody."

      YOU: "And who the f*** are you to tell me that?"

    • Well, with my sample dialog, I was trying to get her to get the guy to reveal his endgame. Does he secretly want to date her himself? Does he merely want her to be alone?

    • Good point! But I think it's funny cause he has been seeing another girl so I don't understand why he even cares, however he did lie about seeing this other girl. I found out from a friend that they have been dating, but he has been telling me he is single, so he lied. But yet he gets all jealous and weird like he doesn't want me to date other guys. He said behind my back that I am way too hot for this particular guy and I am way too good for this particular guy. He'll ? where I am too!

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  • His behavior should be all the signs you need.

    • True! Good point, but I guess I am looking to see what are like specific traits of a possessive person, but yeah you're right! If it doesn't seem right then it probably isn't!

  • As much as I hate to say it what is "controlling" is subjective. In essence if you feel he is too much into your Koolaid then he is. It's about how you feel about him not his behavior. Some people really enjoy that kind of behavior and some hate it. When it becomes a clinical obsession is a totally different situation.

    • Lol! Good valid point! He is too much in my business cause my guy friend joked and said "She has a boyfriend" ad he called me up later and said "Do you have a boyfriend?" "For real?" Like and he'll question what I am doing or where I am going, and such. t''s creepy, but then I don't know if I am paranoid. But thanks for the answer!

    • I think you need a stick to hit him with.

    • Lol...true that man!

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