Why no mention of a 2nd date, but continues talking every day?

So there is this guy I met online and we were both sheepish about being on there. We talked for a month & a half before we finally met up. I was the first to say I'd like to meet him eventually, and then he pursued making it happen, although he was very shy about making the plans. He also let me know he's "terrified of dating" because he's only been in one very long-term relationship that ended a year ago.

We also live about 2 hours apart, and he drove to my city to see me. We had an awesome time, kiss at the end of the date. I let him know I was interested in seeing him again & he agreed. He texted me that same night when I got home, and has still been texting me everyday consistently since like he always has.

BUT...it's been 2 weeks now and he's not even mentioned seeing me again. Not once. He still communicates with me daily but hasn't talked about hanging out. I know our distance is a factor, & he not only works during the week, but he coaches football Friday/Saturday nights (He had the Saturday we went on a date off).

He just let me know today he'd have the whole weekends free from now on and that he was happy he'd have more free time. But still no mention of a date. I really like him. He's cute, sweet, consistent, and seems very confident in person, but he's so shy about progressing or pursuing things with me. I think he'd be a great boyfriend, but I don't know if we'll ever get there.

Should I give up on this guy or patiently wait?


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  • he told you he was terrified of dating and shy, I think either you should take the initiative and propose a nice casual meeting, because it sounds like he might not make the first move.

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