Where can I find a good guy to date?

Heres the deal I have not been on a date since summer 2012. I'm currently doing a masters degree but online so I don't leave the house at all unless to run errands. The guys that use to ask me out I have NEVER been attracted to but I said yes because they were nice guys but I ended up having a lame time every single time. I have never had a boyfriend but maybe its time for me to find one. I want to know where and how I can find a good guy that could possibly be mine, and I don't really trust online dating with the internet these days you never know, or is it that I have been watching catfish to much lol who knows. Please Help!

P.S I like guys that make me laugh genuinely, can act goofy with me instead of looking at me like a complete wierdo, Is kind, caring and all that jazz and wouldn't mind playing video games with me from time to time. Also its not always about looks but I HAVE to be attracted to the guy in some way or else you loose me easily


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  • Try online dating. That way there little to no poking around trying to figure out if he's interested. You can afford to still be picky but that way you get to meet people and get o know them before going on a date. You can be skeptical but at least consider it an option like any other.

    And remember, if you do sign up, you don't necessarily have to wait for a guy to initiate conversation.

    As for the boyfriend thing, it's normal, I'm 20 and only had one boyfriend... Four years ago and it did not last very long.

    I suggest you try Plenty of fish.. It's free and you have nothing to lose.

    Good luck.


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  • Just date someone from GaG. They are all good guys.

  • Me!


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