Did I mess up? Or is this a good thing?

So my boyfriend broke up with me and starting dating another girl he said he's confused he wants to be with me but he doesn't want to hurt me and he needs to find himself we I posted about going on a great date with another guy last night. Trying to make him think and be jealous well usually he talks and messes around with me . Well today he won't look or talk to me. He seems mad is this good or did I mess up


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  • Making someone jealous (and hurting him) in these kinds of situations usually ends up bad.

    He also seemed to be playing around with you a bit though. He dated someone else quite fast but he still wants to be with you? Seems to me like he justs wants to two-time or something...

    • Idk I'm so confused! I don't know what to do there is picture of fb of them and he's spending the day with her but he doesn't seem happy. I just want him to see I can move on and if he doesn't wake up soon I will be gone forever

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    • Thank you so I am not the only one that thinks he's being childish and unfair. My not so trust worthy friend said he was texting a girl and when she said she would give him a blowjob he said he would friend zone me... He did say we could be friends. But I don't know if he would do that, and sometimes she lies a lot

    • I'd walk away from both of them ;)

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