I thought we were great, but now he isn't texting me like he normally does

He and I have been texting for 4 weeks. We've slept together twice. He stayed at my place last night... And this morning he falls about coming over another night. Cooking dinner bla bla bla- I go to work and he doesn't text me all day. So when I sent him a text he was very short with his responses .

Like "ok sure." And "yeah what time?"and "lol nope not yet"

And I said "you seem busy, I'll let you go." He responded with

"Ok ttyl"...

Should I be concerned?

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  • Chances are you are over thinking things. He very well may have been busy, or just tired. That's why as of recently I've only stuck to calling people to discuss plans as texts can be confusing, there is no context like emotion, attitude/etc.

    Call him later, and see what's up.

    He has discussed future plans with you, so chances are he's interested.


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