Would I come off as clingy if I always texted him first?

just recently whenever I text my guy friend he would always disappear on me & after two days I would text him again. the last time we talked he got pissed at me & bitched at me for not showing any sympathy on his car crash & he disappeared on me again. It's been 4 days & I am tempted to text him to see how he is doing & not reply back afterward. do you think it would be clingy of me to always text him first


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  • No. That never works. I don't know your and his history, but it sounds as if he's just not into you right now, or who knows, maybe he doesn't realize that you like him. You're very attractive so I'm sure that you can do better than him.

    • And, to be clear, by no that never works, I meant pretending that you don't like him. If you do that, he'll just disappear.

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    • By friend she means "Being there for him".

    • Guys do not think anything of a girl texting him first, and, in fact, we like it.

  • No it would not be clingy to text him first, you have a good reason for texting him. Perhaps he's just not a big texter.


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