He says we're dating?

I asked him what we were, and he said "dating."

We're exclusive, I know he doesn't hang out with any other girls. But I'm a little confused. If he says we're dating, does this mean I'm his girlfriend, and he's my boyfriend? or are we just plain dating? we have fun, he holds me, hugs me, kisses me, and shows all kinds of PDA. would it be safe to call him my boyfriend?


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  • Dating =/= Boyfriend & Girlfriend


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  • how long have you two been dating?

    • he's been crazily affectionate for about a month now, but I've known him for over a year. how long exactly have we been dating? I'm not sure. we've never talked about it, until he told me tonight that we've been dating. boys. so confusing.

    • then you have to decide what you want. if you don't want to be dragged along and waste time then make things clear with him.