Got her number. What do I text her about?

I'm 21 and she's 22. I got this girl's number off of Okcupid(we hit it off on there). Anyway I'm not really sure what to text about, I am positive she will agree to a date, but the point of a date is to get to know someone and ask them questions.

So what do I text her about really in between dates? That's my question.

Btw she's positively responds back when I flirt(although doesn't flirt back) and ALWAYS responds even if I send a short response(which is good)

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I'm worried if I find out too much about her before our first date, the first date will be bad because I won't have anything to talk about/say


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  • If you just met her (on cyberspace) and haven't really interacted with her yet, then cuddling is just too big a leap and you're coming off as a bit of a creep who will rush her to bed. It's not what she wants.


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  • 1. favorite movies

    2. what she thinks about Obama care

    3. what kind of foods do she like

    4. is she a girlie girl or sporty or other

    5. she ever been in a fist fight

    6. talk about religion objectively

    7. when was her first kiss

    8. what is her favorite flower

    9. how cute does she think you are

    10.what is a deal breaker for her in relationship

    hope that helps

  • So sorry,I just realized that my answer below is meant for another question.How careless I am!

    • It seems the other answers below also have this problem.Strange!

  • No answer is your answer.

  • She was indifferent.


What Guys Said 3

  • It's worth noting that some people are asleep at 10:45 so unless you guys were texting up to that point and then she suddenly stopped, you might consider the possibility that she didn't get the text.

    That said, yeah, too strong too soon.

  • She probably had just gone to bed... I wouldn't worry if I were you.

  • Too soon to tell bro. Maybe she just fell asleep.