How do I create an online dating profile that gets girls interested? And should I use dating sites?

Is their any successful clean online sites to meet girls. I started one a I got the idea about good users name now it's about content.I'm totally lost. I have so much that describes me since I'm a deep person. Everyone says keep it short. Well truthfully they to meet me to get to know me. But really I just want to have fun on my first dates to get chemistry going and see if it's a match from that. I wanted to meet a girl who matches me in deep ways so I wanted to try online dating. I hear allot of girls get 50 creepers a day and so they really are not intrusted. I really need to let others know my character. Well I was thinking about creating a web page that lets girls know my profile so it's not along the creepers emails. I started to do google+ I have a lot of followers now mostly girls. Well I'm open suggestions. should I link my profile on GAG and ask for help?


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  • be funny and be interesting


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