Any tips to date a French boy?

I have met this guy online a week ago.

He studies in my city and wants to move out from dorm.

He can't understand so much Chinese, so I helped him to find a flat online.

Yesterday we met in my friend's home and had dinner together, it was not bad because he was easygoing and friendly and humorous.

He wants to have another dinner with me and starts to flirt when chatting with me... it seems that he showes interest to know more about me.

Actually, I want to know more about him, too.

I don't know if it is a date or something like that, but any tips to give me about French guys...l know it depends on different person, but if you can offer some advice about that, I would appreciate that!


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  • Don't overdo the "french" part. Be interested in him as a person, not as a "french person". Don't try to cater to his "frenchness", try to be a good friend to him as himself. Be open minded and whenever you thought you knew something that you realize you didn't know after all - talk to him about it. Don't demand that he should be in a certain way "because he is french", and don't expect anything. Be interested, be interesting.


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