Question for the guys please - What's the REAL reason you don't text back?

So I understand that guys, although many are in relationships, are okay with having sex without any strings attached.

Personally, I am like that too; I'm fine with just an NSA relationship, and him not calling back. However, this guy I was attracted to and I well...yknow one night, and we hung out and stuff. I personally had a good time, and I didn't really bring any of the girlie emotional baggage into the whole thing. Like I left almost immediately after it happened, etc etc etc.

Well he was nice enough to drop me off at my appartment (cuz it was the middle of the night), and idk, because I enjoyed it I asked if this could be casual. He said "yeah sure" and then he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, and left.

Now, I'm not like one of those girls who is all hurt by the fact that he never texted me back for a while, because honestly I'm not interested in him at all lol. But, I read online that the reason guys don't text back is because they don't find the girl attractive at all and a bunch of other things which hurt my ego for a bit xP so honestly, is that the reason a guy wouldn't care to text back? I considered him being busy, Because I am too, but still!

No I'm not asking him to text back; I'm just asking what the guy thinks of the girl- like I constantly hear that guys go after girls they're not attracted to during a ONS...and, yknow, to boost my ego a bit, I'd like to have known that the guy at least found me attractive and enjoyed it in the least. I mean he did drive me back home, and did hug me when I left, but that might've been out of courtesy xD sooo


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  • Nope. You asked him to keep it casual, so he has no reason for which he should text you until he wants another roll in the hay. And you have at least some interest in him otherwise you wouldn't care.

    • I understood what you asked and answered it. Regardless of whether or not I find her attractive, if she's a FWB, I'm not going to text her until I want round two. If I want to chat, I'll call a girl whom I'm interested in dating because it might lead somewhere. And, think about it, I'm sure that you know plenty of guys in whom you have absolutely no interest. Do you care what they think of you? No. So you must have at least some interest if you care whether or not he finds you attractive.

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  • Maybe he wanted something more frequent than casual. Obviously a nice guy, and considerate. might want to investigate more.


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  • you said you just wanted it to be casual, maybe he thought you meant a one time thing.

    if it is just a casual thing many guys just want to stick it in once and move on because they have no emotional bond to you

    maybe he didn't think the sex was that great or that you are that hot

    maybe he has other involvements