Dating your friend's ex? For guys?

Okay so, I really kike this guy, and he likes me, but the thing is I dated one of his good freinds last yeat for like 3 1/2 months. Could we ever go out? or is that like breaking "bro code"? and if we could date would he have to ask my ex's "premission" or somthing?


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  • It really depends! Was it a peaceful break up? A angry fight filled one. Are you friends with your ex? If you and your ex are on good grounds I would say go for it but if you aren't you could possibly destroy their relationship. Though that would benefit you in the long run, that would be very selfish and un moral. And after six months you aren't breaking the bro-code...

    • well, we don't really talk or text but we do smile when we see each other, and he has a new girlfreind, so he's mooved on and so have i. and I broke up with him, but he was pretty upset, but it wasent a fighting break up, ya know?

  • If they're really good friends then they probably won't let you get in between their friendship.


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