Does my blind date like me?

So I recently went to this party where you have a friend chose a blind date for you and you chose one for them. My friends kept telling me that my date was perfect for me and they were right! My date and I hit it off big time! We spent the entire time talking to pretty much just each other and even hung out for three hours after we left the bar. He did kiss me, but just a quick kiss goodbye. We were both drinking that night so I'm not sure if it was the alcohol, but it seemed like we had a connection. That night he mentioned getting lunch with me one day this week, but since then he hasn't brought it up. We have texted, but nothing very interesting or that would lead me to believe that he likes me. I think he probably does at least a little, but I always think that a guy likes me and then it turns out he was just being nice and doesn't actually like me and I have embarrassed myself.


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  • If a guy is still texting you after a date, he's interested in you


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