Guys or girls, why won't he date me?

A have a guy friend, we aren't SUPER close in the friendship sense but hang out sometimes. We hooked up a few times over the summer and he flirts with me when I interact with him. He ended up going back to his ex, and then they broke up. He still doesn't want to be with me. I don't get it. People say I actually deserve better and that I'm pretty, nice, etc. What do y'all think?


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  • I had this problem too, and it ended up being he just liked me as a girl to share experiences with and be friends with. You're more of a tool of affection when he needs it. I've done it to guys myself. He might have feelings for you, but you're not everything he wants. You're probably better off moving on but keeping him as a friend...and wait to see his reaction. Sometimes boys will come running back saying how could you...sometimes that's just what they wanted you to do, was find someone else, but stay in close relationship friend wise

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