I got a message from a girl on a dating site who wants me to text her, what I do I text?

I've never been on a dating site. I got on okcupid. Now I got a response. How should the conversation in the texting go all the way up to meeting her? How do I find out why she likes me or what type of relationship she "really" is looking for with out offending her? She says friends but does that mean nothing else?

This is her text:

Hi mrdlee, I am looking for a new friend, would you like to text? My # is ***************, text me if you like.


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  • I never like when anyone gives out their phone number in the very first message. It is not a good sign in my opinion. One reason because they might just be looking to get laid. So that would be the "new friend" she is referring to. Anyone that says they are looking for friends on a dating website generally aren't looking for anything but to hook up. Or she sent that same message out to a bunch of people just to see who would actually text her first. The only way for you to find answers to those questions is to actually ask her and see how she responds.


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