Is this deeply infatuated with me? Or is this alarming behavior?

I am talking about a different guy, just to let everyone know. Me and this guy are friends I guess. We never really hung out, but he deeply stares at me all the time like he is looking into my soul, haha! He also says "I love you" a lot to me, and he gets very jealous about other guys. He lied to my dad and said that we have been dating for 3 months. I went out with this guy Kyle and Vince was all jealous about that too! He was passive aggressive about it, but I knew it bothered him and he acted weird. I was outside and Vince pulls up in his car and he is deeply staring at me then he gets out of the car and says "I love you" real serious, lol! I got all awkward about it.

Then, when me and Vince and my brother went out Vince was in the backseat and he starting singing "You are beautiful" haha! And I didn't know if that was towards me? or what? lol! Anyways I was forced to drive him home later (cause his car wouldn't start up) And he needed to stop at Rite Aid, and he's just shopping around, lol, and then we get into the car, and he says "So was this our first date? Does this mean we are dating?" I laughed and said "Oh yeah first date at Rite Aid (sarcastic)" He got all quiet and didn't say anything. Then he said "Bye Thank you!" Real quick like he was mad and got out of the car.

Is this alarming behavior? Should I be worried? lol! it's kinda funny, but I just don't know if he infatuated or if he is alarming? What should I do? Thank you!


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  • Sounds like he's crushing on you. But it also sounds a little creepy. Kick his ass to the curb. He'd probably be a control freak if you did get with him.

    • Yeah see that is what I am confused about, I don't know if I should go out with him or not? Like I don't know if I would just be digging myself deeper hole, or if I should just ditch him, ugh...still confused! But thank you for your answer! :)

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  • No he's showing love. Don't be afraid to experience it, because its one of the experiences you won't wanna miss in life.

    • You think? I was kinda worried that he had controlling tendencies, but see that is the thing I am super confused and don't know what to do with him, haha. But thank you for your answer! Maybe I will give him a shot! :)

  • you know you like it and it turns you on but it doesn't matter you already have your mind made

    • What? LOL! I just want other peoples perspective on it. I don't know if it is alarming behavior, or if it is just infatuation and I shouldn't worry about it, haha. I like your answer though! Pretty funny!

    • well if you like it make it the best answer

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