I just want to be casual! What do I say?

I hooked up with this guy over the weekend who was really sweet and cool and so I gave him my number. A few days later now, he texts me which is great... but what's not so great is what he said! He wants to take me on a date... We're both in college, I don't have time for a relationship nor do I want the commitment. I just want to have fun, hang out, fool around, whatever. I know I'm really backwards but I just can't be the girlfriend girl right now... at least not so soon! What should I text back to not ruin the relationship but reject his date.. I just want to be casual. Help. :-(


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  • Well he's either OK with being casual or he's not, so I would just be straight up about it. I feel like most guys would be OK with just hooking up. And if he's not, it's better than leading him on.

    If you don't want to be direct, I would probably say something like "I can't make it then, but do you want to come over Friday night?" ...basically just try to make it super obvious what you're trying to do.


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