Tips for enjoying conversations with men more often.

I've been experiencing a lot of dating burnout and I think I've realized that part of the reason is that the conversations I've been having are simply not enjoyable.

Are there any tips for enjoying the conversations more during the early stages of dating? I realize that socially skilled guys who are good at making conversation are going to be more in demand partners and I probably won't grab one of them. So, what are some ways to have better conversations with the guys I'm meeting?

Also, on a related note, is there a good way to get a conversation back flowing when a guy starts a long monologue? I've encountered this one frequently on recent dates. I don't want to talk about myself, by the way, I'd prefer to talk about an outside topic so we can try to form some kind of connection.


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  • You won't enjoy conversations with not in demand guys since you do not want them, no women do.

    • There can be sexually attractive guys I can't seem to have decent conversations with, so I don't think that "wanting" them is the key here.

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    • Right the ugly guy with a sense of humor is "CREEPY"

      The attractive guy with one os "witty" and "funny" and fun to be around.

    • Some of the guys I'm sexually attracted to ... so this complaint (it's not advice, be honest) doesn't really apply here.

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  • Maybe you are trying too hard to say the right thing instead of what interests you. Try bringing up things that you'd say to a friend. Movies, TV, music, etc. Avoid anything heavy. Keep it fun.

    If nothing, maybe you just don't have chemistry with this person and need to find someone else.

    I find I only really click and have fun conversations with about one in 10 women (I have a very irreverent sense of humor)., Be persistent,

  • You can say a word every now and again...start off with small words and then work your way up to sentences then if you feel like living on the edge make a joke or two.

    • Ha, ha. What are some good topics to try to steer guys towards, in your opinion?

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    • ok that works too. I told you to avoid the one word answers. If you sense he is drifting cut him and ask why or how or share how that relates to you. If you approve of it give feedback and say why, if you don't just acknowledge it and move on to something else.

    • Thanks for the tips.

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  • Location can be key to conversation. Honestly try a place with fewer women to keep the focus on u. Something quiet but not too pressing, so your not pushing too much. Try a date more active if convo isn't your thing lately.

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