What would be a good conversation starter with this girl I meet on a dating site?

How do I get into a good conversation on the internet dating site. I've never been on one. Kate is my first response on my profile. What questions should I ask and how should I answer them? I'm attracted to her...

Her email;

Hello hw are you doing I'm Kate and I'm new on here looking to meet a good man for a relationship. If you are here for the same motive reply with your details and let get to know each other. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. ...


Her profile:

I'm a good loving woman that has a great sense of humor I'm looking for a life long relationships with good man that is looking for the same .


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  • How do you start up any conversation? Just be yourself.

    She says to reply with your details... so respond with your details. It's as simple as that. Don't overcomplicate things. As soon as you overcomplicate things, you'll be over thinking everything. Just be natural, talk to her.

    Also when engaging in a conversation, whether it's for a girl you're interested in, or just a friend your'e trying to make, show an interest in them. Ask about them and what they like, what they do, who they are, etc...

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