He loves football more than he loves me... Should I do smt?

We are seeing each other for two weeks. But he doesn't mention seeing whenever his fav football team is playing. He just seems to forget about seeing me and worse- he doesn't even tell me that but pretends that he forgot to mention the date and then later I hear about his fav team playing.

I mean- I feel like a total fool since I have many hobbys of my own but I never cancel out dates because of them. I wonder... Since he "missed menitoning our date" today and the I found out that there is a football game going on should I cancel our date tomorrow and tell him Id like to paint? I mean- that is te only way for him to see how ugly his behavior is...


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  • Hold on. So you're dating this guy for 2 weeks, and he's not seeing you on days that his favorite team is on? Is he truly canceling dates or is it that you just want to see him everyday and are upset that you're not on those particular days?

    • No... Its not that I wanna see him every day... The point is I feel like he makes a fool out of me since he doesn't say- hey, there's a football game tonight but only misses mentioning date tomorrow knowing there's a game on. And he never ever missed doing that. We never went out when there's a game on. I wonder if I should dump him for my hobby night one day?

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    • I have one more question. Are you having any sexual contact with this guy?

      Also, you could have included that in your question. I'm sure you may have been worried that it would have made your question too long, but you could have summed it up in about 3 lines and shoved it in.

      I understand your side a little better, BUT it's still been 2 weeks (since you started dating or since you became exclusive?). I have hard to time understanding what you're expecting.

    • We had no sexual contact. I am a virgin and he freaked out when I told him that because he used to have a Girlfriend who used to be a virgin and she didn't want to sleep with him for two months and he dumped her. And When he got to know that I'm a virgin he started to make pressure on me to take me home and to freak about me saying no.

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  • Two weeks and you're already bitching?

    • I don't think that bitching is respecting yourself. I don't wanna kill him for doing that or dump him but only wanna do the same to him since I'm not a towel hanging on there whenever he needs it...

  • Being controlling is never the path to a man's heart.


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