Why does she take so long to text?

ive been texting a girl I liked for a while now. when we were in class together we flirted and I'm farily sure she likes me back due to all the right signs (id say about 75-80% sure). I've also been dropping a lot of hints that I like her.

she even texts me first a lot of the time and initiates conversation. but she has a habbit...in the middle of a conversation, she will just stop texting me altogether. and I'm not talking about an hour or a few, sometimes it'll be for days.

I don't text her when she usually does this because it only happens after I sent the last text, and I don't want to come off as clingy, but before I got used to this thing with her I was actually concerned that I said something wrong.

but no since She will usually pick up the conversation from where we left off, but that just confuses me even more.

what Is her motivation for this? she playing hard to get? is she intimidated..she is pretty shy.

(And don't say its because she is busy because that's a stupid answer. I have two jobs and part time class and I still text people back.)

and ladies can you relate to this at all? and if so, any advice? honest answers appreciated.


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  • I'm so bad for that. If I'm busy and I look at a message and I mean to text them back hell I even think I texted them back and then later I realize I haven't gotten a text back and realize I've said nothing


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  • Darn that's happening to me to. But I understand even with guys I like I get lazy to text and end up not texting them just because or if I'm texting my best friend and they text me I forget to.


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  • just being absent minded. even if she doesn't reply it doesn't mean she is blowing you off