French Kissing Advice Please!?!?!

ok well I've never french kissed a guy and neither has my boyfriend so well we are going to pretty soon and I need some/any advice anyone might have...

1.) Previous experiences...?

2.) How exactly does it work?

3.) What do you do with your tongue?

4.) And well to me it seems rather...uh hard/complex to do I mean getting your tongue in someone else's mouth is it hard?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Umm... could I get some help here, too? I am in a very similar situation with my girlfriend.

    (sorry to bum off of your question, but I could use advice, too)


What Girls Said 1

  • ok so I know this question is really old, but I'll answer it anyway.

    you just have to let it happen. corny advice, I know, but I was nervous/confused my first time, and then it happened [with someone pretty experienced] and it wasn't like awkward at all, and I was surprisingly good [i've been told]. but yeah you just kind of got to go with the flow, though you probably already know this.

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