Been dating on and off then had first row....

We've been seeing each other on and off, his behavior became inconsistent (he'd go a week without contacting me etc), so I got mad and texted him telling him he promised to take me out and didn't ( I sent him back texts he had sent me saying "I'll take you out next week"). He gave me formal , businesslike replies ending with "take care and have a nice day". I saw this as him cutting me off (as I never really know where I stand with him), and got mad and told him to "go find someone else to confuse...", I told him I wanted no part of his little games.

He calls me up and was very irate on the phone calling me childish, saying I talk "crap", saying I have issues that I am trying to project onto him, and saying that's why he is cutting "nonsense people" out of his life! Fair enough I say, and left it. The confusing thing is he texted me straight afterward saying "I'm sorry, but you got me mad", and has been texting me eversince saying "are you okay?", "Is everything alright?". I am confused as I thought he didn't like me and didn't want me in his life :/

We have distanced before, but he always comes back? Do you think he has real feelings for me or is he just trying to keep me as a 'Back up girl'? I really don't know...

He is still contacting me, even offering to do little jobs for me and accompany me to the hospital etc...

When I was hurt the other day he seemed to care a lot and wanted to rush to the ER with me! I'm confused! I'd accepted he didn't really care about me and moved on - (I've even started talking yo someone else!). But this guy is still calling nd texting me saying he "wants to see how you are/ checking up on you".


What do y'all think?


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  • Yes, you're a back up girl. A guy who truly cares won't go a week without contacting you or blow hot and cold. I was in the exact same situation. Please forget about him and move on.


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  • You all seem to both be a bit immature. I think it's best to just move on.


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