Why did this guy text me out of the blue 2 months later?

I went on a date with this guy about a month and a half ago maybe two. After he asked I got home okay and said I was really sweet also "There is a bit of a age gap there though is that something you're okay with." (he's 25 me 20)

I said "Yeah it's grand you don't mind"

He said "ah I mean you seem really mature and all but I'm not sure a relationship would work if it went that far"I said oh right you never know just as long as you get along and are on the same level.

He said "Yeah I guess just don't wanna end up hurting ya cause you seem really nice.

left it as that as I wasn't sure he wanted a relationship. So he texted me out of the blue.

I replied the conversation didn't go too far not leading anywhere.

Him:hey how are u?

Me: hey I'm good you? Who's this?

Him:ah it's (name) we met up before.

Me: aw cool oh I remember now. How's you? Been up to much?

Him:I'm good just busy with college . How are you?

Me:same just college off this week I'm OK. you on reading week !

Him: yeah plenty of reading to do ;)

Me : ha ha yeah loads

Me:you going our for Halloween?

Him: I guess so you?

Me:no idea yet maybe haven't decided yet.

Why did he text me? is he just interested again?

I didn't know where to lead the conversation should I text him in a few days?I probably came off uninterested

Is he interested if he texted me?


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  • You came off pretty neutral so if you do want something to pick up, you'll have to initiate the next text. I've had a few guys text me out of the blue like that. They're all for different reasons so I obviously can't tell you exactly what he's thinking, but sometimes guys will realize the relationship won't work out at that moment, but keep you in their mind and text you months later when they feel more ready. Other times though, they wait for your feelings to cool so they can get a hookup from you instead. Decide what you want before you text him - but do so! A text is nothing.

    • I think at the time he was thinking of the age gap and thought a hook up or something but I think he respected me more and didn't want to do that. What would I text when I text next to come off as somewhat interested? but not overly eager?

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    • I can't tell you what he wants, but if YOU want an actual relationship, you'll have to come off flirty and sweet. Who knows what he's gonna say to your text, so I can't give you a step-by-step. I'm sure you'll find a way into hinting that you want to see him but if not, why don't you just say, " you know what, it'd be fun to see you sometime." At least then you'll get a straight answer.

    • Or I was seeing how are next conversation went and towards the end say something like. "I got to go now it'd be fun to meet up sometime if you're interested"

      Or "I got to go now let me know if you want to meet up sometime was nice talking to you" Don't know which sounds better.

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  • No, he's bored I'm sorry to tell you. If he was interested he would have been banging your door down for another date. The fact that he even brought up that he's older than you tells me he has a very hungry ego that he's looking to feed. I'd stop texting him.

  • some guys are like that. Id take it with a grain of salt. Like one of the answers said, maybe he was bored, or he had some time to think and realized you really were a good person and maybe he wants a second chance, or he's rebounding and/or lonely because he doesn't have a date... could be a million things.

    • Should I try texting him and see where it goes? maybe he had something to say.

    • I say go for it! what have you got to lose?