Starting conversation again and more?

A few months ago I met a girl on a night out who was part of our circle of friends and we got talking quite a bit over Facebook and a little bit over text when she gave me her number. We hanged out a bit in our little circle and even went on a day 'date' kind of thing.. lunch and just talking on a park bench for a few hours.

That felt awkward cause I have a little social anxiety problems.. and have no clue how she felt about it. Even worse in group situations I kinda avoid her, don't talk to her cause of this, even though I like her.

Over time we talked less till it came to a stop, we just didn't message each other back one day, no bad reason why. But the other week on a night out, she was going to meet up with me and mutual friends but ended up not coming cause of dead battery, and not being able to find us.

I texted her 'Sad face :(' which is unusual for me cause normally I wouldn't.. alcohol really changes you lol. She said we hadn't seen each other in a while and we should meet up soon. Obviously I said we defiantly should.

Anyway that was weeks ago and I have no idea how to continue from here.. just texting her out of the blue seems weird. She knows I like her, she had relationship issues with my friend and we talked a bit about it, somehow she found out from him that I did. Either way I don't think she sees me in the same way, she has not said as much tho, other than she had no idea.

Anyway ramble ramble.. I have no idea what to do now.


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  • Don't be scared, just text her, even out of the blue, then keep hanging out. She might fall for you, or, equally possible, you might find your crush cools off after a while and you stay great friends.


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