What does he get out of this?

I have been texting with this guy I met at a young professionals mixer for a couple months now. We have only gone out once since meeting and this was a few weeks ago. He said he wanted to go out again and I tried again but he said he's been busy. I stopped texting him because I started talking to other guys but he still texts me almost everyday. I still respond because I do like him and would like to go out again. Am I wasting my time?


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  • I think he's stringing you along, maybe he is seeing someone and can't get away,never the less what ever the reason, If he was sincerely interested he would see you way more

  • Ive read about these instances and unfortunately it happens alot. I have heard these are guys that are just seeking female attention. I know it makes no sense and believe me it would be very frustrating.

    IMO don't think he's serious especially after 2 months. Id let him go and talk to the ones who are really interested.