What's a sexy and/or sweet way of ending a text or phone conversation?

with the guy you are seeing, Usually after the last text I just say goodnight and sweet dreams. Last night I told him I loved talking to him and good night.

what are some more interesting ways ( sweet or sexy) of saying goodbye that will let him know I'm thinking of him?


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  • erm, (gets really nervous) I'm sorry, my girlfriend and I are trying for a baby and the doctor has advised me to wear loose underwear, erm, Boxers. I'm paranoid wearing them in public but my girlfriend insists that I wear them. she put on a pair of mine one night to make fun of me :) but I thought it was really sexy and cute. so maybe steal a pair of his underpants (if he wears boxers, I don't know, briefs would work I think they have to be shorts) and tease him by wearing boxers yourself :) just my opinion

    please answer one of mine?


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  • I usually end my conversations with my boyfriend with "Goodnight, you :)" or "Let me sleep now?"