Why are people so incredibly rude? (in life and on here!)

I mean..I'm having a rough day, so...that could be why I am asking this question. But it seems like nearly everyone has no manners, no integrity, no shame.

I open doors for people (men, women, children, elderly, EVERYONE). Nobody says thank you anymore.

You stop for pedestrians, when nobody else will. No thank you, no wave of the hand, nothing.

Someone drops something and I pick it up for them OR they expect you to pick it up for them, and no thank you.

And then I answer a question pertaining to online dating, and some guy is totally rude to me on here, turning my answer into some sexist agenda, when I didn't even say anything about women or men at all. I simply said online dating is hard. Like..what the heck is wrong with people?

This isn't the first time either. I've had a few people twist my words around, when there aren't even words to twist. It just makes no sense.

It's just so irritating how rude people are! Have you noticed this? Why do you think this is? What could be a possible solution to this, or is there none?

Oh, and another thing, while handing out candy last night..10/100 kids said thank you. And we were giving out HUGE bags of candy. It's just irritating, because I was raised to be very polite, and it seems like nobody holds those values anymore.


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  • Perhaps you can think of this in a positive way. The rarity of treating others with good manners, makes those that do much easier to find. People are often in a trance thinking either about the past of some future issue. Sometimes a complement thrown their way will snap them back to the present and sometimes a really interesting person can be found. Keep an eye out for people who impress you with kindness. They are out there and when you find them and possible make them a friend, you will hopefully start to acquire some good friends. If others are just caught up with their gloomy issues, it's okay to let them go on their way.


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  • I have noticed it continually but their are only a few I have noticed. Their usually some type of ideological activist that feels their politically correct and refuse to accept cordial conversations (or open to interpretation because there is no grey area for them). I think those few are wildly uncultured, unintelligent in common mannerism and highly volatile in any form of political, relationship or philosophical discussion. There is no solution but a common advise for them to sit down, read, be unemotionally attached to wild speculation and be content that society is not a one way liberal or conservative road. Rudeness for those few are a form of anti-structural dominance in their mind.

  • cheer up, buttercup!


  • It's fun.

    • It's fun to be rude? I take back what I said, you would not be a good mother D: <! Kidding. You are a beautiful mother.

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    • Mhm. I've heard that before.

    • LOL

  • Do things and expect nothing in return. Just like true love. Love for the sake of love and never expect anything back. As for the internet...it's just the internet. Some people are jerks and some are not.


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  • Interesting... With all the generous things you've done off of the internet... I think that may just be where you live. I do those thing everyday and I always get kindly gestures and thank you's.

    Though that internet thing, you are always going to get that no matter what. I get those immature brats all the time over the internet, you simply ignore them.

    • Well, I've lived in a few different places (I've moved around a lot). It just seems like as I've gotten older, people have forgotten their manners or something.

    • That is true, I have noticed that too. It all really depends who raises the kids. When I start making a family, my kids are going to be polite, I will make sure of it.

    • That's good. I'm going to make sure mine are, too!

  • I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND. I too am like you and will be courteous and go out my way for others but it seems it not acknowledged. A vast majority of people today are rude and do not care to have the manners, decency and respect of that some (like you) have. It's refreshing to hear that there are people like you who have a goodheart. Someone has noticed and dies appreciate you. You help restore the "good" in humanity. Don't let rude and uncaring people get the best of you. You are making a difference in society no matter how big or small.

    Too often we

    underestimate the

    power of a touch, a

    smile, a kind word, a

    listening ear, an honest

    compliment, or the

    smallest act of caring,

    all of which have the

    potential to turn a life


    Leo Buscaglia

    • Well I mean, I just feel it's right to do those things for others. I feel bad if I don't. And even if they don't thank me, I'll still do it. It just seems like people get more and more rude every year I age. Haha.

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