Why are people nosy?

My ex and I have been broken up for a year. We still have lots of mutual friends and study in the same small program. I stopped talking to him for a while, but now I'm over it, so I talk to him again. Our dating history is that he had a huge crush on me, we dated very seriously for a year, then he broke up saying he got really scared that we were going past a year and that things are Bout to get very serious.

Anyway,we are back to talking and being friends. We don't party together anymore. But he's always nosy about our plans. He wants to see pictures after or want details. Today, he came running to see pictures from our Halloween party I was showing other people. And then I gave him the phone to just see one picture...he started scrolling through the whole thing! I feel so exposed and gross when he finds out things about my life.

My question is, are some people just nosy by personality, or is there more to it? Do you guys know people who just want to know everyone's business? I don't care at all about what he's up to. I just feel so dirty when he starts finding out about mine. Anyone know what I mean or been in this situation?


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  • One time a woman gave me her phone to show me a picture, and I scrolled through her pictures without thinking much of it, she's all like "stop going through my phone, there's pictures in there I don't want you to see" and snatches the phone out of my hand. But I totally didn't mean it, I could care less what's in the phone

    • If you didn't care why look?

    • Lol! Possibly. But he kept saying "I don't want to see one picture. Show them all. It's an all or nothing deal" so most likely there's more thought in it

    • It was just an involuntary thing, it's like if someone gives you a magazine and says "read this article" wouldn't you want to also browse other pages to see what other articles are in it? It's a very blase thing.

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  • You are at an age where it would be appropriate to ask him what is up with him. You are not teens or early 20's and he should be more mature. By now he should know if he wants you. If he can't give you a concrete explanation then drop him. He is still playing games and doesn't respect you. If he is serious then he would tell you. Don't let him steal the rest of your 20's because you are worth more than that.