Not sure what's going on, or I'm just blind?

I met this lady on a dating site about a week ago, we've had two dates (both wonderful - the first was ~6.5hrs long and the second was almost 8hrs long (I cooked us dinner on the second)). We have plans for a 3rd this weekend and maybe another sort-of date next Thursday. We text almost everyday and really mesh super well.

The thing is... I'm not recognizing any desire to be more physically intimate, even though mentally we challenge each other and stimulate each other. Could she just be waiting, or could I just be blind to her advances? I tend to react well to obvious things, but I'm not good at initiating physical affection (once it has been initiated, I'm comfortable with it). I am also what would probably be referred to as reserved, as far as showing emotions goes.

So... help please. I don't really know what I'm doing, what I'm looking for, etc. Even if things didn't work out between us for a relationship, she is amazing enough that I definitely want her as a friend... and maybe we need to be friends first before being more... idk.

Extra info: She seems to place emphasis on being an Aries, I'm an Aquarius. She's an artist, I'm an engineer. We both run and workout. Music is the same. Lots of opinions are the same, but the paths are often different.

If you happen to read this (you know who you are) (which I doubt), we have that much more to talk about next we see each other :)


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  • yes you're doing fine with your new "friend" I'd take a laid back approach in getting to know her. it takes time to get to know someone. and it sounds like she's taking the same approach too. it also sounds good that you have similarities plus differences which makes you each unique in who you are and perhaps that's why there's the attraction. take it easy and see where it goes. hope things work out.

    • Thank you for your response - I hope things work out as well...

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  • you already said what you want so just do it