What did I do wrong?

So I met this girl at the club Saturday night and we were all over each other, she gave me her number and I texted her later and we chatted late into the night. The next day we flirted all day through text messages while she was at work. When she got home she added me to Facebook and I added her to MSN. She said she needed a nap so I asked if she wanted me to call her still later, and if we were still on for hanging out the next day. She said yes to both, but then didn't answer her phone later. Sent her a text saying sorry if I came on too strong and to let me know about hanging out. Wake up this morning and she had deleted me from Facebook. So I send her a message on it saying if I'd come on too strong I'm sorry it's just I haven't been single in almost two years and I'm just nervous. She then blocked me on Facebook without answering me. What the hell?

Ok so she didn't delete me or block me from msn (only facebook) ... wtf? lol
Nvm, she deleted me from msn too now, guess that's it. Haha. Shit.


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  • Women are evil.


    No seriously, there definitely wasn't anything you could have thought to do differently. Sometimes a girl just changes her mind, rather she didn't actually change anything but things just seemed different to her from one day to the next. Would be nice if she turned into a witch and plotted to turn you into a toad, at least you could be mad about that, but unfortunately you just have to put up with some awkward feelings that kind of suck

    As a shy guy, I know how awesome it is for a girl to initiate something. As a good guy, I did try to over compensate to make sure I didn't offend her or bother her. But as a nice guy I didn't call her out when I knew it was over, but she hadn't said anything to me.

    Seemed like a lot happened in a short amount of time, so you may need to pause your thoughts on the matter before letting them take over. May not want to press too much for an answer as she may offer volunteer one, one day.

    BTW My head nearly exploded by the girls' phrases like "keep your head up" and "just not for you". I've heard those a lot before and they don't really mean shit shit dude. Lol Just know that you did nothing wrong, you're the same guy you were a week before this, just now you got a little busted up from this small romantic tiff. Call it a badge of honor.

    PS Sorry how my last comment sounded like one of 'those' phrases, my head did explode/

    Good Luck


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  • Maybe she's just not interested in you like she thought she was at the beginning. It happens. If this is the reason, don't let it get to you too much. If she doesn't like you and doesn't want to spend time with you don't try. You're only going to hurt yourself and you deserve better than that! Keep your head up. There's a girl out there that will love you for who you are and who will always want to be around you!

    • It sucks cause I'm naturally a shy guy and we kept locking eyes at the club and finally she walked by me squeezed my side then ushered me out to the dance floor, and right from the start we were all over each other dancing and such. My luck ran out.

    • Aw don't look at it as "your luck ran out" HER luck really went out you seem like a nice guys he doesn't see what she's missing. Don't put yourself down over one girl!

    • I guess your right, there still appears to be a tiny shimmer of hope (the whole MSN thing). Hopefully she messages me sometime. If not well I hope it wasn't just beginner's luck :P

  • She wasn't really that into you and she just realized that,. Its confusing, I know but she obviously wasn't really feeling you like she thought. And ended it like that. Don't take it personal. She was just not for you.

    • Ok, kind of weird, but she still has me on msn and didn't block me. If she wanted me to get lost, why would she keep me on msn? It's not like you just forget to block someone from msn that you don't want to talk to after you deleted them from FB.?

    • She doesn't want you like she thought. So forget her.

  • Ok just forget about this chick. That's just a little strange that she started ignoring you and stuff. You obviously didn't do anything wrong except that you kept messaging her that you came on too strong.

  • Forget her. She obviously wasnt worth your time. What I would do is just move on. If she's truly worth any more of your time then it'll just happne. You can't force things. Everything happens for a reason, and if she doesn't wake up and realize that. Then that special girl is still out there. Don't give up jsut bucz some young and imature girl ruined it.

  • Let it go. Especially since you have only meet her a recently. It's not like she is a good friend of yours. If you keep pushing you're going to seem well, a bit crazy.

    • Don't intend on pushing, I just said that it seems like she's left a possible avenue for further communication by keeping me on her MSN ... but I'm going to let her make the next move if there's going to be one. If not, bye-bye new girl!

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  • You didn't do anything wrong; the girl just had second thoughts about you, and changed her mind. Women do that sometimes. A similar situation happened to me a couple of years ago with a girl I met online. Just forget her, and move on. I doubt there is really any hope for you with this girl. Even if there was, would you really want a relationship with her now, after she "weirded out" on you?

  • Dude I think you were a little to pushy and she might have weirded out. I am a shy dude all the same, but you must learn to control your need for contact with her. Be aloof.

    • Yup, and it appears she's left an avenue open for further contact, since she hasn't blocked or deleted me from MSN, which I find weird. I assume my best bet would be to not make the next move, see if she messages me?

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    • Alright, thanks man! Hopefully it still works out. There's so many little thing that I like about this girl, not to mention she's stunning, probably the most beautiful girl that ever showed interest in me!

    • Yea, but stop thinking like that. "she's left an avenue open" or whatever sometimes you need to except tings and move on do not let one person hold you down man. I tell myself shit happens and there is more than girl in the world